Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství


The love of nature has been passed from generation to another, from nature’s bounty we selected materials of the best quality which are processed with great regard for nature itself.

Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

Organic cotton is one of the materials used in the manufacturing of our beds. Due to its excellent properties it has been used for over 6,000 years. It is pleasing to the touch, able to divert excess heat and moisture, it is soft and strong all at the same time. Cotton fibres are able to absorb up to 27 % of moisture while still remaining dry to the touch. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

In the production of our beds, we use a combed cotton material for the coating of the bed springs, natural rubber and horsehair, making it pleasantly soft to the touch.

Flax is another ecological material used in the making our beds. It has antibacterial properties, it is 100% natural and suitable for allergy sufferers. It does
not electrify or attract dust, and has an excellent thermoregulation properties.

It is breathable, dissipates heat and humidity, cools in the summer and warms in the winter. The flax fibre is strong and resistant to abrasions.

Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství
Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

Alpaca wool has always been highly priced for its exceptional lightness, softness, excellent thermoregulatory properties, and the ability to maintain an ideal microclimate of the human body. Alpaca wool is said to be warmer than regular wool, softer than cashmere and finer than mohair.

We use finely combed Alpaca wool in the upper layers of the all toppers and mattresses in our Gold and Platinum luxury brands. You will experience the luxurious softness and extraordinary quality while sleeping on LeChomat‘s beds.

Cashmere is also used in our mattresses. Produced from the finely combed wool of Kashmiri goats living
in Himalayas, cashmere is also one of the finest natural fibres prized for its softness and an ability to absorb sweat produced by the human body during sleep. Through the day the mois-ture which was absorbed by the cashmere fibres is released into the air by evaporation. This prevents the condensation of moisture inside the mattress.

In comparison to regular wool, cashmere is warmer and has better insulation properties. We use cashmere in Le Chomat beds in the upper layers of Silver range toppers and mattresses.

Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství
Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

Horsehair is obtained by considerate brushing of the horse’s mane and tail. It has exceptional absorption properties, absorbing moisture of up to 25 % of its weight and subsequently ensuring re-evaporation, which prevents the condensation of moisture within the mattress.

This makes the perfect regulation of humidity during sleep, suitable for people with higher level of perspiration. The flexibility of horsehair is the base of its spring effect resulting in a flexible and soft product. Horsehair is one of the irreplaceable natural materials used in making Le Chomat beds.

Natural rubber has been known in Europe since middle of 18th Century. It is produced from the juice of rubber trees which grow in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

We use only natural rubber which is non toxic, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Due to its long lasting features, flexibility and elasticity, we use the natural rubber as a complement to the springs in the manufacturing of our beds.

Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství
Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

The springs used in Le Chomat beds are produced in Germany according to the most modern technological processes and regulations. They are made from quality German steel and placed into a system of pocket coils.

In this system, each spring is covered in its individual pocket, which allows each spring to move independently from one another. This makes sleep on our beds comfortable, relaxing and refreshing for each individual person.

Alpine Spruce is used in the frame and headboard construction of our beds. This high quality hardwood grows in the cold climate of the mountainous areas
of northern and middle Europe.

In these difficult growing conditions, alpine spruce trees grow very slowly which results in its wood to be strong and durable. The strict control in choosing which wood, its processing and carpentry, guarantees the highest quality of construction.

Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

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