Le Chomat continental bed Collection

Silver, Gold and Platinum represent the three integrated models of the Le Chomat Continental Bed Collection. Each bed differs from one another in type, quantity and the proportion natural materials used in the construction.


The Le Chomat Silver Collection is the model with a lowest profile, and of medium softness and flexibility.. In spite of the SILVER bed being the basic model in the Le Chomat collection, it is pleasingly comfortable, springy and stable in terms of shape.

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The Le Chomat Gold Model, in comparison to model Silver Model, has a higher profile, has a softer and more flexible upper mattress, and uses a higher proportion of different natural materials in all parts of the bed.

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The Platinum Model is the most exclusive bed in the Le Chomat Continental Bed Collection. It is the accomplishment of the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail.A solid timber continental bed with the highest profile, exceptional springiness, perfect comfort for the human body and our own, the middle seven-zone physiosystem is enveloped from both sides and exclusive natural materials.

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 As a measure of our confidence in our ability to connect quality material with ageless honest manual work,  we offer you a lifetime guarantee on all bed frames.


All of the beds are in the “continental style” – with a base, core and topper. The base, or bearing part of the bed, is made of strong coils enclosed in a massive frame; the core, or middle matress, is made of a double-sided spring mattress of different thicknesses; and the topper, or upper mattress, enhances the feeling of maximum comfort during sleep.

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