Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství


The exceptional nature of Le Chomat beds is achieved by sensitively combining the tradition of hand production and design.


Our skilled master craftsmen make each and every bed to order. When doing so, they respect tried-and-trusted traditional procedures of hand production and precision of execution, with emphasis on every detail. Strict control over the choice of materials used and during carpentry and upholstery work provides you with a guarantee of the very highest quality.

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Indulge yourself in the bed of your dreams. Play with shapes, colours, sizes, fabrics and final details. Dare to be different, dare to be unique. Experience inimitable pleasure in choosing each and every detail of your future bed. Become part of an extraordinary process, one in which you have the unique opportunity to immortalise your individuality in a personal legacy …

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Each Le Chomat bed is handmade to order. We accommodate the individual requirements of
each future owner, as to dimensions, firmness of mattresses, and type of upholstery material. At the same time we respect the specific requirements of each individual partner regarding their weight and feeling of comfort. The mattress remains at the same height, even if the two sides of the mattress are of different firmness according to each partner’s preference.

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We only use natural materials of the very highest quality when making Le Chomat beds. The materials used come from renewable natural sources and the production procedures and techniques are considerate to the environment.

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