Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

Creating a bed together

There is nothing more personal to us than our beds. A bed is part of your private life. It is imbibed with your emotions and the soul of the partner that shares it with you – his or her style, scent and imprint.

As an unique gift, choose a detail which will delight and capture the love for you and your partner. Express your affection by having your initials or
a personal message embroidered on your Le Chomat bed.


Indulge yourself in the bed of your dreams. Play with the shapes, colours, sizes, fabrics and the finishing touches… dare to be different, dare to be unique. Experience the joy of choosing every detail of your future bed. Become an integral part of an exceptional and unique process, one where you can express your personality and originality.

Le Chomat beds are the result of teamwork. In fact more than 20 craftsmen are involved in the production of one bed, from designing the bed itself to final quality control.


The exceptional nature of Le Chomat beds is achieved by sensitively combining the tradition of hand production and design.

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Skilled craftsmen create works of art that are inimitable, desirable and long-lasting, all under the guidance of the most experienced of master craftsmen.

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We remain faithful to the legacy of previous generations and endeavour to continue it by passing on humility before and love for nature.

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