Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

Platinum collection

The Le Chomat Platinum Model bed elevates the sleep to an art. It has been created for those who want the best of the best.


The Platinum Model is the most exclusive bed in the Le Chomat Continental Bed Collection. It is the accomplishment of the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail. Similar to the previous models, the Platinum Model is the result of teamwork; from the first design to the final quality control there are more than 20 craftsmen involved in creating one single bed. This close cooperation between craftsmen culminates in a bed of the highest quality.


In the top mattress we have used a unique method of mutual layering of organic flax, alpaca, hypoallergenic horse hair and 1,000 pocket mini springs, together offering exceptional support of the human body and extraordinary comfort during sleep.

By repeating the unique method of mutual layering in the central mattress, we have achieved a perfect physiological support for the human body. The core of the central mattress is created by unique combination of a three-spring system with a total number of 4,000 springs. The 2,000 springs of the middle seven-zone physiosystem is enveloped from both sides by an additional 1,000 pocketed mini springs. The hand stacked rich layers of natural materials of horse hair, alpaca, flax and organic cotton are an integral parts of this luxurious mattress. All of this is enclosed by a massive frame of alpine spruce with an additional 1,000 springs.


Total height without legs: 68 cm

Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

Top height: 8 cm 

1.  covering fabric (100 % natural)
2.  organic cotton
3.  alpaca
4.  flax fibre
5.  horsehair protected by jute
6.  mini Bonell pocket springs 3.5 cm
7.  horsehair protected by jute
8.  flax fibre
9.  alpaca
10.  organic cotton
11.  covering fabric (100 % natural)

Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

Mattress height: 32 cm 

1. covering fabric (100 % natural)
2. organic cotton
3. alpaca
4. flax fibre
5. horsehair protected by jute
6. mini Bonell pocket springs 3.5 cm
7. cashmere fibre with jute
8. pocket spring system
9. cashmere fibre with jute
10. mini Bonell pocket springs 3.5 cm
11. horsehair protected by jute
12. flax fibre
13. alpaca
14. organic cotton
15. covering fabric (100 % natural)


Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství

 Springbox height: 28 cm

1.  covering fabric (100 % natural)
2.  organic cotton
3.  cashmere fibre with jute
4.  horsehair protected by jute
5.  jute
6.  mini pocket spring system
7.  jute
8.  horsehair protected by jute
9.  mini pocket spring system
10.  jute
11.  horsehair protected by jute
12.  solid, mountain spruce slats
13.  solid mountain spruce wooden frame




The Le Chomat Gold Model, in comparison to model Silver Model, has a higher profile, has a softer and more flexible upper mattress, and uses a higher proportion of different natural materials in all parts of the bed.

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The Le Chomat Silver Collection is the model with a lowest profile, and of medium softness and flexibility.. In spite of the SILVER bed being the basic model in the Le Chomat collection, it is pleasingly comfortable, springy and stable in terms of shape.

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Indulge yourself in the bed of your dreams. Play with shapes, colours, sizes, fabrics and final details. Adjust your bed with our bed accessories and collection of legs.


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