Le Chomat - Luxusní postele a příslušenství


Every bed is unique, inimitable, underlining the individuality and taste of the future owner.

The exceptional nature of Le Chomat beds is achieved by sensitively combining the tradition of hand production and design.


Our skilled master craftsmen make each and every bed to order. When doing so, they respect tried-and-trusted traditional procedures of hand production and precision of execution, with emphasis on every detail. Strict control over the choice of materials used and during carpentry and upholstery work provides you with a guarantee of the very highest quality. It is our view, however, that perfection in skilful execution is even more apparent when accompanied by satisfying demands on design.

We make beds for you with love and with the desire to enrich you with a feeling of satisfaction and comfort. We are certain that they will be your investment in the greatest luxury of all – quality, healthy sleep.


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If you want to gift something that it truly unique, choose the detail or colour that you like and capture the immortal moment of love.

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Skilled craftsmen create works of art that are inimitable, desirable and long-lasting, all under the guidance of the most experienced of master craftsmen.

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We remain faithful to the legacy of previous generations and endeavour to continue it by passing on humility before and love for nature.

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