The modern, minimalist, rectangular headboard with four rows of hand-stitched padded panels is the dominant feature of Création beds.

The purely geometric concept of the design of this headboard is further underlined by the regular recurrence of smaller rectangles in individual rows. The high quality of the luxury materials used and their perfect execution intensify the overall impression of this beautiful bed.



Width of bed: 90 cm 105 cm 120 cm 140 cm 160 cm 180 cm 200 cm
Width of headboard:  220 cm 235 cm 250 cm 270 cm 290 cm 310 cm 330 cm
Height of headboard: 160 cm


Silver, Gold and Platinum – the three special models of continental beds in the Le Chomat collection, differing from each other in terms of the type, quantity and mutual proportion of natural materials used.


The Silver model in the Le Chomat collection stands out for having the lowest profile and is medium-soft and springier. In spite of the SILVER bed being the basic, entry-level model in the Le Chomat collection, it is pleasingly comfortable, springy and stable in terms of shape.

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The Gold model is the middle-range bed from Le Chomat. Compared with the Silver model, the Gold model has a higher profile, an even softer and springier top mattress and a higher proportion of individual natural materials in all parts of the bed.

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The Platinum model is a solid timber continental bed with the highest profile, exceptional springiness, perfect comfort for the human body and our own, unique combination of spring physiosystem and exclusive natural materials.

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Le Chomat beds stand out for their wonderful, fully-upholstered headboards, which not only emphasise the uniqueness and beauty of each bed, but at the same time informally enhance the appearance of the bed and the space in which it is placed itself.


Indulge yourself in the bed of your dreams. Play with shapes, colours, sizes, fabrics and final details. Adjust your bed with our bed accessories and collection of legs.

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