Le Chomat continental beds

Le Chomat beds are the jewel in the family crown, the embodiment of combining the family tradition of honest hand craft and the many years of experience of the very best experts in the field of making natural mattresses and upholstered beds.


L’homme is destined to become the statement piece your bedroom. Its dominance and majesty originating in its male essence is contingent on its button decorated curved headboard and boldly shaped sides. This exclusive bed stands out best in a large space.

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La Femme is undoubtedly going to become the crown jewel of your bedroom. It is characterized by an opulent, elegantly upwards curved double headboard with uniquely shaped sides. The provocative and elegant shape of a woman’s body was the inspiration for this headboard. The overall impression of this graceful bed is reinforced by quality workmanship and attention to each detail.

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The Arche is defined by subtly interconnected elements of classic design with precise upholstery craftsmanship. A gracefully curved headboard richly decorated with hand wrapped buttons and beautifully shaped sides are the elegant characteristics of the Arche bed.

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The Signature immediately attracts with its timelessness and unusual double headboard. It is a result of combination of modern design and elegance with carefully selected idea, and impeccable upholstery. The overall elegance of this bed could be enhanced by tastefully embroidered personal message on one or both halves of the headboard.

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The Miracle attracts by its smooth lines and thoroughly executed manually stitching of deeply detailed squares which are symmetrically placed in four rows. Natural plasticity of the headboard is enhanced by a spectacular play of shadows in complementary lighting.

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The dominant feature of The Creation is a modern, minimalistic rectangular headboard with four rows of manually stitched upholstered panels. This purely geometric shape is enhanced by regular repeats of smaller rectangles in individual rows. The high quality of the luxury materials and precise craftsmanship intensifies the overall impression of this beautiful bed.

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We have created for you a stylishly rich range of unique, inimitable works of art that underline the individuality and taste of their future owners. We are sure that the Le Chomat collection of beds will satisfy even the most demanding among you.


L’Homme, La Femme, Noir Elegance, Arche, Signature, Innocence, Miracle and Création beds stand out for their wonderful, fully-upholstered headboards, which not only emphasise the uniqueness and beauty of each bed, but at the same time informally enhance the appearance of the bed and the space in which it is placed itself. When creating these beds, we carefully considered each and every detail, with the intent of creating sumptuous headboards ranging from classic to modern, from minimalist with clean lines through richly-decorated with deep-set buttons and hand-folded decorative elements to dominant and tastefully formed.



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